The One

A Cultured Life

Australia’s New World City is bursting with energy and creative spirit; wherever you turn, you’ll find the sublime wonders of natural and man-made beauty. Discover a cultural precinct that contends with the best of the globe, offering art, history, music, and brilliant design at every turn.

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River Dreaming

The Brisbane River, rich with natural beauty, wildlife and vegetation, weaves through the city and into Moreton Bay.The water’s presence is both energising and soothing. Its smooth lines and gentle tempo speak to the Brisbane life of ease and vitality.

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This is Brisbane

On the cusp of the Coral Sea lies the beating heart of Queensland. It’s a lush and sophisticated metropolis, with pristine beaches and delicate riverside gardens, cut with the swathe of the great river; looping and reaching, flush with river gums and white-spider lilies, winding through the body of the capital.This is a New World City fully immersed in raw,…

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This is Australia

The planet is growing smaller, and its people more connected. No corner of the earth remains unknown; no deep sea undiscovered; no far horizon untouched. Still, there is a place where the colours are pitched at a higher key. A land of natural wonders, of red soil and wide, open spaces.This is a home of growth, democracy, diversity, opportunity. This…

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Location Map

Welcome to Australia’s river city. As the capital of the Queensland there is so much to discover, from idyllic subtropical weather all year round to award-winning food and wine.Brisbane is home to stunning world class events, adrenalin activities, and world class scenic weekend getaways.

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